Kathmandu - Private Day Tour

Kathmandu Valley, with an area of 570 sq km situated at an altitude of 1310 meters to 1500 meters, is not only a melting pot of different culture and tradition but a living museum. The capital city of Nepal is inhabited by most of the ethnic groups of the country this days, through Newars were the indigenous inhabitation of the city in the earlier period of History. Kathmandu valley is rich in the culture heritage with seven UNESCO World Heritage Site within the radius of 15 kilometers. You will find very few places in the world with so many heritage sites in a small area like Kathmandu. 

Kathmandu valley, with a history of around 3000 years of civilization, is rich in culture heritage in comparison to other countries of South Asia. The seven monuments of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur were designated World Heritage Sites in October 1979. Our day tour takes you to visit 4 (Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bouddhnath Stupa, Swayambhunath Stupa and Pashupatinath Temple) out of 7 UNESCO World Heritage Site of Nepal.  


Kathmandu Durbar Square

Kathmandu Durbar Square also known as Hunuman Dhoka Durbar, used to be the residence of the Nepali Royal family and administrators. This ancient place lies in the heart of the city. It consists of huge royal palace with different temples, inside as well as outside the temple, dating from the 15th to the 18th century. This place is named after Hanuman, the monkey god, as a stone statue of Humanan is place right next to the main entrance protecting the whole palace. 


Swayambhunath Stupa

This stupa, having hundreds of voltive shrines and other historical monument in and around it, was built in 250 B.C. This is the largest stupa in Nepal and it display typical Buddhist architecture. This while dome regarded as a spotless and pure jewel of Nirvana. It has thirteen tires, representing the elevator to Nirvana and a pair of painted eyes on all four sides of this stupa, symbolizing the all seeing eyes of the Buddha. 


Bouddhanath Stupa

This is a huge Buddhist stupa located about 8 km east of Kathmandu. It stands on a massive mandala style platform and has features similar to the Swayambhunath, though its final to is bigger. It is said that this stupa was built during the 5th century A.D. Every year in the winter, thousands of pilgrims from neighbouring countries come to visit this place. 


Pashupatinath Temple

The Pashupatinath Temple is the largest Hindu temple and is considered to be the holiest of all Hindu temples. This is a two-tiered golden temple with four silver doorways, hundreds of Shiva linga’s, shrines and holy symbols. It is located on the holy river Bagmati, 6 km east of Kathmandu. It is believed that this temple was built long before the Christian era began. Its original beauty still remind with the beautifully sculpted stone sculptures found here. Thousands of Hindu comes here each year on Shivaratri. There is a cremation place for Hindus on the bank of the river Bagmati. 


Tour Starting Point: Nepal Gateway Trekking Office Thamel, Kathmandu

Tour Ending Point: Thamel, KTM

Tour Departure: Every day

Tour Duration: 5 - 6 hours

Tour Starting Time: 09:00 AM

Tour Ending Time:  03:00 PM


Price : USD 90

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